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Stitching Curtains

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Curtains decoration  with various seams and special fabrications from "Home Design" and our trained partners.

The curtain is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of your place! We created a sample of our work, so that you contact the most appropriate experts to redecorate your place. In the manufacture of curtains, the most important part, it is the seam. We undertake stitching of our fabrics, either if it is simple, or more special. The stitching highlights the fabrics of all types, but also reflects the personality of your space, professional or home. You can choose the style that represents you, transforming your place into a modern, stylish, traditional, majestic, classic, oriental, country ... where you feel that you designate.

Curtain seams in various and unique designs at your order! We create and offer you the best possible results and implement special structures ONLY for your surroundings. The study and design is performed by experts and made by professional seamstresses. Also when we have have special seams, measurements must be made by our technicians, who will take care of any repair or installation of special trains and mechanisms for the best functionality and refinement of our work.

Home Design

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We create unique places to assure your personal point of view. With special love to what we do, we choose quality, functionality and right combinations for the best possible results.

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Home Design offers products and services of high quality and good taste.

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